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Chromic Acid Properties

Chromic Acid

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Chromic Acid hexavalent chromium compound and a powerful oxidizing agent.It is an intermediate in chromium plating, metal finishing and is also used in ceramic glazes, and colored glass. It can be used to clean laboratory glassware,in magnetic recording tapes,wood preservation.Chromic acid is used in the anodizing of aluminum,used to produce salt-free CCA type wood preservatives.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Red Crystals
Boiling Point 250 °C
CAS Number 7738-94-5
ChEBI 33143
Density 1.201 g/cm3
EINECS Number 231-801-5
IUPAC Name Dihydroxy(dioxo)chromium
InChI 1S/Cr.2H2O.2O/h;2*1H2;;/q+2;;;;/p-2
Melting Point 197 °C
Molar Mass 118.01 g/mol
Molecular Formula H2CrO4
Solubility Highly Soluble
Synonyms Dihydroxidodioxidochromium;Chromic(VI) Acid;Tetraoxochromic Acid;Chromic Acid;Chromium Hydroxide Oxide
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