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Clemastine Fumarate Properties

Clemastine Fumarate

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Clemastine Fumarate is a histamine H1 antagonist used as the hydrogen fumarate in hay fever, rhinitis, allergic skin conditions, and pruritus. It causes drowsiness. Clemastine Fumarate is probably the most reliable antihistamines for the treatment of itchy skins in dogs.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Boiling Point 425.2 °C
CAS Number 14976-57-9
EINECS Number 239-055-2
IUPAC Name (2R)-2-{2-[(1R)-1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-1-Phenylethoxy]ethyl}-1-Methylpyrrolidine (2E)-2-Butenedioate
InChI 1S/C21H26ClNO.C4H4O4/c1-21(17-7-4-3-5-8-17,18-10-12-19(22)13-11-18)24-16-14-20-9-6-15-23(20)2;5-3(6)1-2-4(7)8/h3-5,7-8,10-13,20H,6,9,14-16H2,1-2H3;1-2H,(H,5,6)(H,7,8)/b;2-1+/t20-,21-;/m1./s1
Melting Point 177-179 °C
Molar Mass 459.96 g/mol
Molecular Formula C25H30ClNO5