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Cuprous Iodide Properties

Cuprous Iodide

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Cuprous iodide is an inorganic compound. It is useful in a variety of applications ranging from organic synthesis to cloud seeding. It is used as a source of dietary iodine in table salt and animal feed. It is also used in the detection of mercury.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White to Grey or Tan Powder
Boiling Point 1290 °C
CAS Number 7681-65-4
Class 9
Density 5.67 g/cm3
EINECS Number 231-674-6
HS Code 28276000
IUPAC Name Copper(I) Iodide
InChI 1S/Cu.HI/h;1H/q+1;/p-1
Melting Point 606 °C
Molar Mass 190.45 g/mol
Molecular Formula CuI
NFPA 704 H-1,F-1,R-0,C-NA
Other_Cations Silver(I) Iodide
PG 3
Refractive 2.346
Solubility Insoluble
Synonyms Copper Monoiodide;Copper(1+) Iodide;Copper(I) Iodide;Cuprous Iodide;Copper Iodide uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X