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Danafloat 068 Properties

Danafloat 068



Danafloat 068 offers good selectivity against pyrite in sulfide flotation and can provide good to excellent flotation response to various copper minerals, including but not exclusively, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite and covellite. Other applications are in the flotation of galena and copper activated sphalerite, tetrahedrite and gold ores. The product can be used in conjunction with xanthate or as a replacement and, depending on mineralogies and flotation circuit conditions, this product may be stronger than xanthate in which case the dosage will be lower than xanthate. It has frothing capabilities so often frother dosages are reduced when switching to this product. It can be fed to the circuit either undiluted or as a solution. Before deciding to dilute the product, because water chemistry can have an impact, stability tests at the solution concentration desired are highly recommended. It is used in neutral to alkaline conditions (> 6 pH). Typical dosage levels depend on ore feed grades, mineralogies and flotation responses, but typical dosage levels range between 10 to 50 grams per metric ton ore.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Reddish brown to black liquid
Chemical Composition Na di cresyl dithiophosphate
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