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Dimethocaine Properties


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Dimethocaine is a local anesthetic with stimulant properties that some studies have shown to be one-tenth the potency of cocaine. Anecdotal user reports indicate no euphoria and only mild stimulating effects. Other users fail to perceive of any recreational effects whatsoever. The drug however still presents strain on the cardiovascular systems, like cocaine, with the potential to induce tachycardia which could be problematic for those who continuously redose. Additional reports of respiratory arrest have been noted.

Chemical Properties

CAS Number 94-15-5
Density 1.258 g/cm3
IUPAC Name (3-Diethylamino-2,2-dimethylpropyl)-4-aminobenzoate
InChI 1S/C16H26N2O2/c1-5-18(6-2)11-16(3,4)12-20-15(19)13-7-9-14(17)10-8-13/h7-10H,5-6,11-12,17H2,1-4H3
Molar Mass 278.39 g/mol
Molecular Formula C16H26N2O2
Synonyms 1-Propanol,3-(diethylamino)-2,2-dimethyl-, 4-aminobenzoate (ester);1-Propanol, 3-(diethylamino)-2,2-dimethyl-,p-amino benzoate;1-Propanol, 3-(diethylamino)-2,2-dimethyl-,p-aminobenzoate (ester);Dimethocaine;Larocaine
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