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Dipentaerythritol Properties


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Dipentaerythritol is applicable for alkyd resins, fatty acid, rosin and tall oil esters, and to make paint and coatings, printing ink, coating adhesives, sealants, varnish, lacquer, vinyl chloride, synthetic rubber, polyvinyl chloride stabilizers, olefins antioxidant and acrylic monomers for UV-curing systems.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White crystalline powder
Boiling Point 356°C
CAS Number 126-58-9
HS Code 29094919
Melting Point 215-218 °C
Molar Mass 254.28g/mol
Molecular Formula C10H22O7
Solubility 0.29 g/100 ml
Synonyms 2,2,6,6,-Tetra(hydroxymethyl)-4-Oxaheptane-1,7-diol;2,2-[Oxybis(methylene)bis(2-(hydroxymethyl)]-1,3-Propanediol;Dipentek;2,2-Bis (hydroxymethyl)-1,3-Propanediol