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Dow Corning 2-3101 Properties

Dow Corning 2-3101



Dow corning 2-3101 is highly efficient active foam control emulsion for industrial aqueous systems. It is recommended for fast foam knockdown and also when foam control is needed during the end-use of formulated products.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Off-White Liquid
Boiling Point 95 °C
Chemical Composition Treated Amorphous Silica,Sulfuric Acid, Polydimethylsiloxane,Glycerides, C14-18,Mono- and di, Dimethyl, Methylhydroxypropyl, Ethoxylated Propoxylated Siloxane
Main Hazards Direct contact to eye may cause temporary redness and discomfort
NFPA 704 H-1,F-1,R-0,C-NA
Viscosity 700 cSt