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Duzzit 54 Zinc Corrosion Protection Properties

Duzzit 54 Zinc Corrosion Protection

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Duzzit 54 Zinc Corrosion Protection is a quick dry, sacrificial coating that protects ferrous metals from oxidizing. The high purity, zinc rich formula creates a galvanic barrier between the environment and the base metal to prevent the formation or spread of rust and corrosion. It electrochemically bonds to metal surfaces, giving the protection as good as that of hot-dipped galvanize. Also, it protects ferrous metals substantially longer than zinc paints. After curing, the coating is highly resistant to scratching, denting, abrasion, corrosive environments, salt air, heat, moisture and road salts. The features are it will not become brittle, crack or peel and it withstands excessive wear caused by vibration of moving vehicles.

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