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Endozym Alphamyl SB2 Properties

Endozym Alphamyl SB2



Endozym Alphamyl SB2 is an agent with enzymatic structure containing purified alpha-amylase extracted from selected species of Aspergillus oryzae. Endozym Alphamyl SB2 completely degrades starch into dextrins causing the synthesis of maltose. The trials carried out on this product constantly showed that the preparation increases plants’ productive capacity because mash filterability is improved. Endozym Alphamyl SB2 is also suggested for treating mashes containing unmalted cereals, before the boiling stage and before they are added to the malt-containing mash. At doses between 10 and 100 mL/100 kg of raw grains, depending on the technical needs, Endozym Alphamyl SB2 is added to the mash water.

Chemical Properties

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