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Endozym Glucacel UHT Properties

Endozym Glucacel UHT



Endozym Glucacel UHT is a preparation based on thermo-stable betaglucanase, ideal for the utilization during beer processing. The enzymatic agent, standardized to contain a minimum of 250 BGLU/g, possesses pentosanasic, cellulasic, xylanasic and arabinasic activities and facilitates the reduction processes of wort viscosity, strengthening the natural enzymatic betaglucanasic component naturally present in barley. Endozym Glucacel UHT is successfully utilized in the brewhouse during the mashing-in stage. All production trials show that the formulation increases the capacity of the mash filter and the following beer filtration. The product composition enhances the secondary enzymatic activities present in Endozym Glucacel UHT, suitable to grant the filtration cycle yield and to stabilize the finished beer. Endozym Glucacel UHT is very useful when added to the ready-to-use malt, at concentrations between 10 and 20 mL/100 kg of malt, depending on the types of barley to be processed, the viscosity values one wishes to obtain and the quantity of betaglucans one wishes to reduce.

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