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Fulminic Acid Properties

Fulminic Acid

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Fulminic acid was discovered in 1824 by Justus von Liebig. It is an organic acid and an isomer of isocyanic acid. Fulminic acid and its salts (fulminates), for instance mercury fulminate, are very dangerous, and are often used as detonators for other explosive materials, and are examples of primary explosives.

Chemical Properties

CAS Number 506-85-4
ChEBI 29814
IUPAC Name Hydroxyazaniumylidynemethane
InChI 1S/CHNO/c1-2-3/h3H
Molar Mass 43.02 g/mol
Molecular Formula CHNO
Synonyms Hydrogen Cyanide N-Oxide;Fulminic Acid;Carbidohydroxidonitrogen
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