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Geranyl Butyrate Properties

Geranyl Butyrate

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Geranyl Butyrate is used as a fragrance and flavor agent.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Colourless To Pale Yellow Liquid
Boiling Point 299.9 °C
CAS Number 106-29-6
Density 0.896g/cm3
EINECS Number 203-381-3
InChI 1/C14H24O2/c1-5-7-14(15)16-11-10-13(4)9-6-8-12(2)3/h8,10H,5-7,9,11H2,1-4H3/b13-10+
Molar Mass 224.339g/mol
Molecular Formula C14H24O2
RTECS Number ES9990000
Refractive 1.461 n/D
Solubility Soluble In Alcohol
Synonyms Butanoicacid, (2e)-3,7-Dimethyl-2,6-Octadienyl Ester (9ci); Butanoic Acid,3,7-Dimethyl-2,6-Octadienyl Ester, (E)-; Butyric Acid,3,7-Dimethyl-2,6-Octadienyl Ester, (E)- (8ci); Butyric Acid, Geranyl Ester(6ci); 2,6-Octadien-1-Ol, 3,7-Dimethyl-, Butyrate, (E)- (8ci); Ag 76; Geraniolbutyrate; Geranyl Butanoate; Geranyl Butyrate; Geranyl N-Butyrate; Nsc 46146; Nsc 70177; Trans-3,7-Dimethyl-2,6-Octadien-1-Yl Butyrate uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X