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Hydrogen Cyanide Properties

Hydrogen Cyanide

Molecule 3D Structure Image
Molecule Structure Image



Hydrogen cyanide is used as a fumigant in agriculture. It is used in the manufacturing of acrylates, synthetic fibers, plastics and cyanide salts. Hydrogen cyanide is also used in the manufacturing of organic chemicals, Pesticides etc.

Chemical Properties

Acidity 9.21
Appearance Colorless Gas Or Pale Blue Liquid
Boiling Point 25.6 °C
CAS Number 74-90-8
ChEBI 18407
Density 0.687 g/cm3
Dipole Moment 2.98 D
EINECS Number 200-821-6
HS Code 2811.19
IUPAC Name formonitrile
InChI 1S/CN/c1-2/q-1/p+1
Melting Point -13.4 °C
Molar Mass 27.0253 g/mol
Molecular Formula HCN
Molecular Shape Linear
NFPA 704 H-4,F-4,R-1,C-NA
RTECS Number MW6825000
Refractive 1.267 n/D
Related Compounds Cyanogen; Cyanogen chloride; Trimethylsilyl cyanide; Methylidynephosphane
Synonyms Methanenitrile;Hydrocyanic Acid;Prussic Acid;Zyklon B\t
Viscosity 0.201 cPs
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