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JEFFCOOL P-150 Properties




JEFFCOOL P-150 coolant is formulated with propylene glycol, it is especially suitable for applications in which toxicological and environmental considerations are critical. JEFFCOOL P-150 is a heat transfer fluid for line heaters, for snow melting systems on loading ramps, highways, and runways; a coolant for ice rinks and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. JEFFCOOL P150 coolant is compatible and completely interchangeable with systems currently utilizing ethylene glycol-based coolants. JEFFCOOL P150 coolant protects cooling systems from freezing in winter, overheating in summer and corrosion in all seasons. Improved heat transfer and less internal corrosion contributes significantly to overall operating and maintenance costs. JEFFCOOL P150 coolant is recommended as a heat transfer fluid for line heaters, ground thawing, athletic fields, grave digging, snow melting systems for loading ramps, walkways, highways and airfield runways. The corrosion protection provided by JEFFCOOL P150 coolant and its low toxicity level as compared to other heat transfer fluids makes it an ideal transfer medium for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as solar energy collection systems.

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