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Ketoprofen Properties


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Ketoprofen is a is one of the propionic acid class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with analgesic and antipyretic effects.It acts by inhibiting the body's production of prostaglandin.Ketoprofen can also be used for treatment of some pain, especially nerve pain like sciatica, post-herpetic neuralgia and referred pain for radiculopathy, in the form of a cream, ointment, liquid, spray, or gel which also contains ketamine and lidocaine, along with other agents which may be useful such as cyclobenzaprine, amitryptiline, acyclovir, gabapentin, orphenadrine and other drugs used as NSAIDs or adjuvant, atypical or potentiators for pain treatment.

Chemical Properties

Brand Name Actron;Alrheumat;Alrheumun;CapistenDexal;Epatec;Fastum;IsoK;Kefenid;Ketopron;Lertus;Menamin;Meprofen;Orudis;OrudisKT;Orugesic;Oruvail;Oscorel;Profenid;Toprec;Toprek
CAS Number 22071-15-4
ChEBI 6128
IUPAC Name 2-(3-benzoylphenyl)propanoic acid
InChI 1/C16H14O3/c1-11(16(18)19)13-8-5-9-14(10-13)15(17)12-6-3-2-4-7-12/h2-11H,1H3,(H,18,19)/f/h18H
Molar Mass 254.28 g/mol
Molecular Formula C16H14O3
Solubility 51 mg/l
Synonyms m-Benzoylhydratropic Acid