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LITEX P 7100 Properties

LITEX P 7100



LITEX P 7100 is an aqueous, anionic carboxylated styrene/butadiene copolymer dispersion, which is used as a binder for coating colours in the paper industry. LITEX P 7100 should be added to the previously dispersed pigment combination under gentle agitation followed by viscosity and pH adjustment as deemed necessary.LITEX P 7100 is a binder, which can be used in combination with all commercially available coating pigments for the finishing of coated paper. It has a high latex stability and is suitable for all modern application techniques. LITEX P 7100 can be used for the production of both sheet and web offset paper. It is a medium stiffness polymer offering good binding power, both wet and dry. LITEX P 7100 is normally transported in bulk road or rail tankers. LITEX P 7100 must be stored in closed original containers or in storage vessels at temperatures not lower than + 5 °C and not higher than + 40 °C.

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