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Marein Properties


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Marein is an chalcone, a type of polyphenol. It is the 4'-O-glucoside of okanin. It can be found in Coreopsis maritima. It is an anthochlor pigment, a kind of yellow pigment.

Chemical Properties

CAS Number 535-96-6
ChEBI 561786
EINECS Number 208-623-1
IUPAC Name (E)-3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)-1-[2,3-dihydroxy-4-[(2S,3R,4S,5S,6R)-3,4, 5-trihydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)oxan-2-yl]oxyphenyl]prop-2-en-1-one
Melting Point 197-202°C
Molar Mass 450.39 g/mol
Molecular Formula C21H22O11
Synonyms Okanin-4'-O-glucoside;2-Propen-1-one,3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-1-[4-(b-D-glucopyranosyloxy)-2,3-dihydroxyphenyl]-, (2E)-Marein;Glucopyranoside, okanin-4', b-D-