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MBTS – 80G Properties

MBTS � 80G

Molecule Structure Image



Predispersed MBTS – 80G is recommended where a more eco-friendly material, higher productivity and better dispersion is required.The active ingredient MBTS is an all purpose accelerator for non-tyre applications and is the first delayed action accelerator in history. Used by itself, MBTS gives good processing safety, intermediate cure rate, flat curve and very good aging resistant vulcanisate. MBTS is often used in conjunction with MBT, guanidines, thiurams,dithiocarbomates, thioureas, dithiophosphates and sulphenamides to allow a wide range of cure behaviour even for the slow curing rubbers like IIR and EDPM.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Beige granules
Chemical Composition A proprietary predispersed 80% dibenzothiazyl disulphide in a 20% elastomeric /
processing aids binder
Density 1.27 g/cm3(approx.)
Melting Point > 165 °C
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