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Methyltrimethoxysilane Properties


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Methyltrimethoxysilane it is a cross linking agent for room temperature cured silclione rubber, coupling agent for glass fiber and Sio2, a strengthening agent for plastic-layer pressing material. It is also used in construction and sanitary.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Colourless liquid
Boiling Point 102.5 ºC
Brand Name HYCS
CAS Number 1185-55-3
Density 0.911 g/cm3
EINECS Number 214-685-0
HS Code 29310095
IUPAC Name Trimethoxy(methyl)silane
Melting Point <-70 ºC
Molar Mass 136.25g/mol
Molecular Formula C4H12O3Si
NFPA 704 H-2,F-3,R-1,C-W
RTECS Number VV4650000
Refractive n20/D 1.371(lit.)
Solubility Decomposes
Synonyms (Trimethoxysilyl)methane;Silane,trimethoxymethyl-;Dynasylan MTMS;Glasca B;Methylsilicon trimethoxide (MeSi(OMe)3);Methyltrimethyloxysilane;NUCSilicone A 163;Silquest A 163;Silquest A 1630;Trimethoxymethylsilane;Methyltrimethoxysilane
pH Value 6.57