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Microfine AO3 Properties

Microfine AO3



Microfine AO3 is a sub-micron particle size antimony trioxide with an average particle size of 0.3 microns. Microfine AO3 finds application as a flame retardant, when used in combination with a source of halogen. In rigid and plasticized PVC compounds, the additions of controlled amounts of Microfine AO3 will confer excellent flame retardant properties. Microfine AO3 is especially recommended in coating applications (paint, paper, textiles and adhesives) where it’s very fine particle size can give benefits of improved suspension stability, smoother surface finish and improved physical properties along with its high white pigmenting power. Microfine AO3 also finds application in thermoplastic compounds where tensile and impact properties are critical or in very thin wall applications to improve surface finish and electrical properties.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Very Fine White Powder
Chemical Composition Antimony Trioxide
Refractive 2.1 n/D
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