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MS-50 Properties




MS-50 is highly effective quaternary ammonium compound based broad spectrum micro-biocide that can be effective in controlling the growth of algae, bacteria and fungi. The unique composition of MS-50 is effective against both the gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as active against fungi. The result is that unusually low dosage levels of MS-50 are required to maintain control. It is a unique formulation of biotechnology driven compound developed to inhibit the growth of micro-organism responsible for creating heavy loses to the sugar factories by sugar inversion. It is highly effective in controlling all types of bacteria such as leuconostoc mesentroides, bacillus, lactobacillus, aerobector aero genes, micrococcus, streptococcus which are highly responsible for sugar inversion. It is effective over mesophillic bacteria and thermophillic acid forming bacteria. It also controls the formation of dextran in any substance.

Chemical Properties

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