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N-(Cyclohexylthio)Phthalimide Properties


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N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide is a high effective pre-vulcanization inhibitor.It is applied in NR,SBR,BR,IIR,CR,EPM,EPDM,NBR with cure system consisting of sulfur and Thiazole but mainly Sulphenamide Accelerator.It is used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It may protect effectively the rubber material from scorching during Processing, so that to make it possible for extruder and calender to be running at a high temperature and high speed and improve the production the storage stabilizztion of the rubber material,protect natural vulcanization during storage.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White to Off White Crystalline Powder
Boiling Point 422.6°C
CAS Number 17796-82-6
Density 1.25-1.35 g/cm3
EINECS Number 241-774-1
IUPAC Name 2-(Cyclohexylsulfanyl)-1H-Isoindole-1,3(2H)-Dione
InChI 1S/C14H15NO2S/c16-13-11-8-4-5-9-12(11)14(17)15(13)18-10-6-2-1-3-7-10/h4-5,8-10H,1-3,6-7H2
Melting Point 90°C
Molar Mass 261.34 g/mol
Molecular Formula C14H15NO2S
RTECS Number TI4290000
Synonyms N-(Cyclohexylthio) Phthalimide;1H-Isoindole-1,3(2H)-dione,2-(Cyclohexylthio)-;Cyclohexylthiophthalimide;Phthalimide,N-(cyclohexylthio)-;Accitard RE;CTP;Duslin P;Duslin PP;N-(Cyclohexylthio)Phthalimide;N-Cyclohexylsulfenylphthalimide;Retarder CTP;Rhenogran CPT 80;Santogard PVI;Santogard PVI-DS;Vulkalent G