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Naugalube FAO 31 Properties

Naugalube FAO 31



Naugalube FAO 31 is a mixture of alkylated phenols, predominately 2,4-dimethyl-6-t-butylphenol, that can be used to protect gasoline, diesel and jet fuel against the effects of oxidation during transportation and storage prior to use. It is a 100% active material that meets current requirements for both civil and military fuel specifications. These specifications define approved antioxidants by their chemical composition and also state their use levels. Naugalube FAO 31 meets the requirements of US military fuels reference JP-4, JP-5 and JP-8 as well as US civil fuels Jet A, A-1 and Jet B. It is also approved against the requirements of the Canadian specification on wide-cut kerosene and meets existing ASTM, IATA and British MOD (DEF STAN 91-91) fuel specifications.

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