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Nebivolol Properties


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Nebivolol is a β1 receptor blocker with nitric oxide-potentiating vasodilatory effect used in treatment of hypertension and, in Europe, also for left ventricular failure.It is highly cardioselective under certain circumstances.Nebivolol lowers blood pressure (BP) by reducing peripheral vascular resistance, and significantly increases stroke volume with preservation of cardiac output.

Chemical Properties

Brand Name Nebicip;Bystolic;Nebilong;Hypoloc;Lobivon;Nebilet;Nebilox;Nebiten;Temerit
CAS Number 99200-09-6
InChI 1S/C22H25F2NO4/c23-15-3-7-19-13(9-15)1-5-21(28-19)17(26)11-25-12-18(27)22-6-2-14-10-16(24)4-8-20(14)29-22/h3-4,7-10,17-18,21-22,25-27H,1-2,5-6,11-12H2
Molar Mass 405.435 g/mol
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