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Nickel Chloride Properties

Nickel Chloride

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Nickel chloride is very rarely found in nature as mineral nickelbischofite. Nickel salts are carcinogenic. They are also deliquescent, absorbing moisture from the air to form a solution. Nickel chloride and its hydrate are occasionally useful in organic synthesis. Its solutions are used for electroplating nickel onto other metal items.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Yellow-green crystals
CAS Number 7718-54-9
Crystal Structure Monoclinic
Density 3.55 g/cm3
EINECS Number 231-743-0
IUPAC Name Nickel(II) Chloride
InChI 1S/2ClH.Ni/h2*1H;/q;;+2/p-2
Main Hazards Irritating
Melting Point 1001 °C
Molar Mass 129.5994 g/mol
Molecular Formula NiCl2
NFPA 704 H-2,F-0,R-0,C-NA
Other_Cations Palladium(II) Chloride;Platinum(II) Chloride;Platinum(IV) Chloride;Platinum(II,IV) Chloride
RTECS Number QR6480000
Related Compounds Cobalt(II) Chloride;Copper(II) Chloride
Solubility 64 g/100ml
Synonyms Nickelous Chloride;Nickel(II) Salt of Hydrochloric Acid;Nickel Dichloride uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X