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o-Phthalaldehyde Properties


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o-Phthalaldehyde is a dialdehyde consisting of two formyl groups attached to adjacent carbon centres on a benzene ring. It is a building block in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and a reagent in the analysis of amino acids. It is used as a disinfectant and as a tanning agent in leather industry. It is useful for the sterilization of endoscopic instruments, thermometers, rubber and plastic equipment which cannot be sterilized by heating system. It is also used as an intermediate in synthesis of pharmaceuticals, medicines, and other organic compounds.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Yellow solid
CAS Number 643-79-8
Density 1.189 g/cm3
EINECS Number 211-402-2
HS Code 29122900
IUPAC Name o-Phthalaldehyde
InChI 1S/C8H6O2/c9-5-7-3-1-2-4-8(7)6-10/h1-6H
Melting Point 114-116 °C
Molar Mass 134.13 g/mol
Molecular Formula C8H6O2
RTECS Number TH6950000
Solubility Soluble
Synonyms o-Phthalic Dicarboxaldehyde;Benzene-1,2-dicarboxaldehyde;Phthaldialdehyde;ortho-Phthalaldehyde;1,2-Benzenedicarboxaldehyde;2-Phthalaldehyde;OPA
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