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Ortho Chloro Benzylamine Properties

Ortho Chloro Benzylamine

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Molecule Structure Image



Ortho Chloro benzylamine is used as chemical intermediate for the manufacture of dyestuffs, pigments, optical brighteners, textile auxiliaries, agrochemicals, amino acids and other organic compounds.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Colorless To Light Yellow Liquid
Boiling Point 120oC
CAS Number 89-97-4
Density 1.17 g/cm3
EINECS Number 203-245-3
HS Code 29214980
IUPAC Name (2-Chlorophenyl)Methanamine
InChI 1S/C7H8ClN/c8-7-4-2-1-3-6(7)5-9/h1-4H,5,9H2
Main Hazards Corrosive;Irritant
Molar Mass 141.6 g/mol
Molecular Formula C7H8ClN
NFPA 704 H-3,F-2,R-0,C-NA
Refractive 1.56 n/D
Solubility Insoluble
Synonyms Benzylamine,o-Chloro-(6CI,7CI,8CI);(2-Chlorophenyl)Methanamine;1-(2-Chlorophenyl)methanamine;2-Chlorobenzenemethanamine;2-Chlorobenzylamine;NSC 60118;o-Chlorobenzylamine
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