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PCNB Properties




PCNB is an organochlorine gungicide used as a seed dressing or soil treatment to control a wide range of fungal species in such crops as potatoes, wheat, onions lettuce, tomatoes, tulips, garlic and others.

Chemical Properties

Appearance off-white or yellow crystals
Boiling Point 328 °C, decomposes
CAS Number 82-68-8 
IUPAC Name Pentachloronitrobenzene
Melting Point 44 °C, 317 K, 111 °F
Molar Mass 295.36 g/mol
Molecular Formula C6Cl5NO2
Synonyms Avicol; Botrilex; Brassicol; Earthcide; Folosan; Kobu; Kobutol; pentachloronitrobenzene; Pentagen; Saniclor; Terraclor; Terrazan; Tilcarex; Tri-PCNB; Triquintam; Tritisan; Tubergran; Turfcide.
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