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Phenylethyl Formate Properties

Phenylethyl Formate

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Phenylethyl Formate belongs to benzene and substituted derivatives class of compounds. It is found in bilberry. It is a flavouring ingredient.

Chemical Properties

Boiling Point 235.3 °C
CAS Number 104-62-1
Density 1.054 g/cm3
IUPAC Name 2-Phenylethyl formate
InChI 1S/C9H10O2/c10-8-11-7-6-9-4-2-1-3-5-9/h1-5,8H,6-7H2
Molar Mass 150.18 g/mol
Molecular Formula C9H10O2
Synonyms 2-Phenethylformate;2-Phenylethyl Formate;Benzylcarbinyl Formate;Phenethylformate;b-Phenethyl Formate