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Phytase Properties




Phytase is an enzyme that can break down the undigestible phytic acid (phytate) part found in grains and oil seeds and thus release digestible phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients. Basically, phytase is a phosphates enzyme that hydrolyzes the ester phosphoric acid and inositol existing in the plants resources. The enzyme phytase is normally produced in ruminants. Phytase is used as an animal feed supplement to enhance the nutritive value of plant material by liberation of inorganic phosphate from phytic acid (myo-inositol hexakisphosphate) and, thereby, to reduce environmental phosphorus pollution.

Chemical Properties

CAS Number 37288-11-2
Synonyms 1-Phytase;3-Phytase;E.C.;Ecophos;Finase F;Finase FP 500;Finase P;Natuphos;Natuphos 10000L;Natuphos 5000;Natuphos 5000 Granulate;Natuphos 5000G;Natuphos 5000L;Phosphatase, phytate 1-;PhyA phytase;PhyB phytase;Phosphatase, phytase 3-;Phytate 1-phosphatase;Phytate 3-phosphatase;Phytate phosphatase;b-Propeller phytase;