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Pigment Blue 60 Properties

Pigment Blue 60

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Pigment Blue 60 are synthetic organic pigments that are found in most products that are colored, such as printing inks, paints, plastics, crayons, textile, and many other applications.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Blue Powder
Boiling Point 740.2 ºC
CAS Number 81-77-6
Density 1.487 g/cm3
EINECS Number 201-375-5
InChI 1S/C28H14N2O4/c31-25-13-5-1-3-7-15(13)27(33)21-17(25)9-11-19-23(21)29-20-12-10-18-22(24(20)30-19)28(34)16-8-4-2-6-14(16)26(18)32/h1-12,29-30H
Melting Point 470-500 ºC
Molar Mass 442.44 g/mol
Molecular Formula C28H14N2O4
Solubility Insoluble
Synonyms Vat Blue 4;Indanthrene(6ci);6,15-Dihydro-5,9,14,18-Anthrazinetetrone;Anthraquinone Deepblue;Anthraquinone Blue;Blue Anthraquinone Pigment;Caledon Blue Rn;Caledon Printing Blue Xrn;Celliton Blue Rn;Cibanone Blue Frs;Cibanone Blue Frsn;Cibanone Blue Rs;Cibanone Blue Rsj;Cibanone Brilliantblue Fr;DM Light Blue Kt Crude;Fenan Blue Rsn;Fenanthren Blue Rs;Food Blue 4;Fuji As Blue;Fuji As Blue 65;Graphtol Blue Rl;Helianthrene Blue Rs;Heliogen Blue 6470