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POLYEON AR Properties




POLYEON AR is an eco - friendly a liming auxiliary to reduce wrinkles, drawness and growth marks in hides and skins. It helps in better opening up of the fibre bundles results in full rounded leather. POLYEON AR gives flat pelts with low swelling and improves the fullness of bellies. POLYEON AR helps to improve overall levelness throughout the whole hide and skins particularly maintaining the substances in the belly and flank region and thereby avoids looseness. POLYEON AR gives clean pelts with smooth grain. POLYEON AR improves the solubility of the lime powder thereby improving the efficiency of the liming process and helps to reduce the percentage of lime and sulphide usage. POLYEON AR speed up the penetration of sulphide and lime thereby improves the breaking of sulphur linkages and the removal of hair roots and allows excellent stretching of growth marks. POLYEON AR can also be used in re - liming process and gives very good buffering action. POLYEON AR works effectively at all temperatures and similar results can be obtained during all seasons. POLYEON AR can effectively disperse natural fats and dissolves extra fat thereby reducing wrinkles in neck area to obtain flat uniform stock.

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