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Polyurethane Properties


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Polyurethane foam are used in aviation, railways, architecture and sports. It can be used for precast polyurethane board. It also can be used in the manufacture of plastic products, wear-resisting synthesis rubber products, synthetic fiber, hard and soft foam plastics, adhesives and coating.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Clear Solid, White Powder
CAS Number 9009-54-5
IUPAC Name Ethylurea
Molar Mass 88.109g/mol
Molecular Formula C3H8N2O
Synonyms Etheron sponge;Etheron;Polyurethane foam [USAN];Polyurethane A;Polyfoam plastic sponge;Spenlite;Spenkel;Isourethane;Polyurethane sponge;Andur;Polylurethane;Polyurethane ester foam;Ostamer;NCI-C56451;Polyurethane ether foam;Polyfoam sponge;Urethane polymers;Curene;Pliogrip; Polyether-based
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