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Ponceau 4R Properties

Ponceau 4R

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Ponceau 4R (also known as C.I. 16255 [1], Cochineal Red A[1], C.I. Acid Red 18[1], Brilliant Scarlet 3R[1], Brilliant Scarlet 4R[1], New Coccine[citation needed]) , SX purple[citation needed]) is a synthetic colourant that may be used as a food colouring. It is denoted by E Number E124[1]. Its chemical name is 1-(4-sulpho-1-napthylazo)- 2-napthol- 6,8-disulphonic acid, trisodium salt. Ponceau 4R is a red azo dye which can be used in a variety of food products, and is usually synthesized from aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum.

Chemical Properties

Boiling Point °Cat760mmHg
CAS Number 2611-82-7
Chemical Composition Sodium nitrite-->Sodium chloride-->Phenol-->Aluminium hydroxide-->Aluminium sulfate-->Sodium nitrate-->Congo red paper-->Naphthionic acid-->Sodium 4-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonate-->Ponceau 4R altiminium lake
IUPAC Name trisodium (8Z)-7-oxo-8-[(4-sulfonatonaphthalen-1-yl)hydrazinylidene]naphthalene-1,3-disulfonate
Molar Mass 604.47 g mol?1
Molecular Formula C20H11N2Na3O10S3
RTECS Number QJ6530000
Solubility Soluble particular
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