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Potassium Ferrocyanide Properties

Potassium Ferrocyanide

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Potassium ferrocyanide is a coordination compound. It can be used as an alternate nitrogen source for plants. It is often used as a gardening technique. Industrially, this complex is used in metal extraction and to make adhesives, computer electronics, fire retardants, cosmetics, dyes, nylon, paints, inks, plexiglass, pharmaceuticals, and rocket propellant. It is also used in low doses in some food preparation. It works as an anti-caking agent and it removes copper from red wine, as copper is used as a fungicide on grapes. In the laboratory, potassium ferrocyanide is used to determine the concentration of potassium permanganate, a compound often used in titrations based on redoxreactions.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Light Yellow Crystalline Granules
Boiling Point 400°C
CAS Number 13943-58-3
Class NA
EINECS Number 237-722-2
IUPAC Name Potassium Hexacyanidoferrate(II)
InChI 1S/6CN.Fe.4K/c6*1-2;;;;;/q6*-1;+2;4*+1
Melting Point 69-71°C
Molar Mass 368.35 g/mol
Molecular Formula C6N6FeK4
NFPA 704 H-1,F-0,R-0,C-NA
Other_Cations Sodium Ferrocyanide;Prussian Blue
Synonyms Tetrapotassium Ferrocyanide;Ferrate(4-),hexakis(cyano-kC)-,potassium, (OC-6-11)-;Ferrate(4-),hexacyano-, tetrapotassium;Ferrate(4-), hexakis(cyano-kC)-, tetrapotassium, (OC-6-11);Potassium Ferrocyanate;Potassiumferrocyanide;Potassium Hexacyanoferrate;Potassium Hexacyanoferrate(II);Tetrapotassiumhexacyanoferrate(4-);Potassium Ferrocyanide;Potassium Prussiate;Yellow Prussiate of Potash;Potassium Hexacyanidoferrate(II)
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