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R-Carbocysteine Properties


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R-Carbocysteine is a mucoactive drug and is being used for both acute and chronic infectious airway diseases. R-Carbocysteine is a muco-active drug with free radical scavenging and anti-inflammatory properties. It is actually approved for clinical use as adjunctive therapy of respiratory tract disorders characterized by excessive,viscous mucus,including chronic obstructive airways disease (COPD).

Chemical Properties

Boiling Point 417.3 °C
CAS Number 638-23-3
Density 1.514 g/cm3
EINECS Number 211-327-5
InChI 1S/C5H9NO4S/c6-3(5(9)10)1-11-2-4(7)8/h3H,1-2,6H2,(H,7,8)(H,9,10)
Melting Point 208-213 °C
Molar Mass 179.21 g/mol
Molecular Formula C5H9NO4S
Synonyms Cysteine;S-(carboxymethyl)-;S-Carboxymethyl-L-cysteine;Mucodyne;Solmux;Rhinathiol;Humex;Lisomucil;Fluditec;Exputex;Mucolit;Reodyn;Carbotoux;Flemex;Carbolin