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Raw Umber J4635 Properties

Raw Umber J4635



Raw Umber J4635 is a natural pigment that has been processed to improve color predictability and micronized for ease of dispersion. Raw Umber is a naturally-occurring ore, which is milled, blended and adjusted with small amounts of synthetic iron oxide and then micronized into a fine powder. The resulting pigment produces deep, rich brown shades with complex undertones in wood stain applications. Umbers are preferred colorants in furniture stains and high quality wood finishes because of their transparency and ability to enhance wood grain appearance. It is also used in medium-gloss coatings, artist paints, coatings processed on intensive dispersing equipment, liquid colorants, paper and plaster applications.

Chemical Properties

Synonyms Micronized Natural Raw Umber
pH Value 6.5? 7.5
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