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SEI Paint Proofer WPA-1000 Properties

SEI Paint Proofer WPA-1000



SEI Paint Proofer WPA-1000 increases paint performance by adding long-term water repellency to the paint itself. Paint Proofer also conditions the paint for easier application and greatly improves the fade resistance properties. This water-based, acrylic micro-emulsion additive increases the life, value and performance of all latex paints and stains.SEI Paint Proofer WPA-1000 is self cleaning, keeping surfaces looking like new,prevents mold and mildew problems by keeping paint film dry,damage caused by moisture intrusion, freeze-thaw and weather extremes,peeling problems attributed to moisture,color fading and water spotting

Chemical Properties

Synonyms Water-Proof Paint Additive;Paint Proofer
pH Value 8.5-9.0