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SilSense DW-18 Properties

SilSense DW-18



SilSense DW-18 silicone is a dimethicone copolyol ester and is formed through the esterification of isostearic acid with dimethicone copolyol. SilSense DW-18 SilSense DW-18 silicone is a water-dispersible liquid wax ester created by the reaction of isostearic acid with an alkyloxy-modified polydimethylsiloxane. SilSense DW-18 silicone is an easy to formulate product which may be used to impart the conditioning benefits of silicone to personal care products without contributing to greasiness or build-up that is normally associated with water-insoluble silicone fluids. SilSense DW-18 can stabilize emulsions,adds emolliency and conditioning to emulsion systems.

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