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Sitagliptin Properties


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Sitagliptin is prescribed to patients with type 2 diabetes to treat high levels of sugar in the blood. The medication lowers blood sugar when blood sugar is high and improves insulin levels in the body after a meal.Sitagliptin also signals the liver to cease the production of glucose when the amount of sugar in the blood is too high.Common side effects associated with the use of Sitagliptin are Cough,Difficulty breathing,Fever,Muscle ache,Nasal congestion,Ear congestion,Sore throat,Body aches

Chemical Properties

Appearance White Solid Powder
Boiling Point 529.9ºC
Brand Name Januvia(Australia);(Belgium);(Canada Quebec);(Denmark);(Norway);(Slovakia);Sweden)
CAS Number 486460-32-6
Density 1.61 g/cm3
Molar Mass 407.32 g/mol
Molecular Formula C16H15F6N5O