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Sodium Metaperiodate Properties

Sodium Metaperiodate

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A scarlet-red odorless tasteless powder. Sensitive to light. Insoluble in water and sinks in water. At elevated temperatures turns yellow but turns back to red upon cooling. Poison.

Chemical Properties

Appearance white to off-white
Boiling Point 300°C
CAS Number 7790-28-5
Chemical Composition Nitric acid-->Potassium iodide-->Potassium chloride -->MERCURY-->Mercury chloride
Density 3.865 g/cm3
IUPAC Name sodium periodate
Melting Point 300 °C
Molar Mass 213.8918 g/mol
Molecular Formula NaIO4
RTECS Number SD4550000
Solubility soluble
Synonyms Periodicacid (HIO4), sodium salt (8CI,9CI); Sodium periodate (NaIO4) (6CI); Monosodiummetaperiodate; Periodic acid sodium salt; Sodium metaperiodate; Sodiummetaperiodate (NaIO4); Sodium periodate