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Sodium methylparaben Properties

Sodium methylparaben

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Sodium methylparaben is a water-soluble antiseptics, mainly features as a safe, high efficiency, broad- spectrum antibiotic and widely used in Pharmacy industry; Food industry; textile industry,as well as antiseptics in cosmetics, feedstuffs, daily chemicals.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White powder
Boiling Point 265.5 °C
CAS Number 5026-62-0
EINECS Number 225-714-1
HS Code 29182930
IUPAC Name sodium 4-(methoxycarbonyl)benzen-1-olate
Melting Point >125°C
Molar Mass 174.13 g/mol
Molecular Formula C8H7NaO3
RTECS Number DH2455000
Synonyms 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid Methyl Ester Sodium Salt;Methyl P-Hydroxybenzoate Sodium Salt;Methylparaben Sodium;Methylparaben, Sodium Salt;Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate Sodium;Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate Sodium Salt;(P-Carboxyphenoxy)-Sodiumethylester;Benzoicacid,4-Hydroxy-,Methylester,Sodiumsalt uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X