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Sodium Saccharin Properties

Sodium Saccharin

Sodium Saccharin-Molecule 3D Struture
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Saccharin Sodium is a white, crystalline, aromatic compound.It is used in cosmetic products, vitamins,pharmaceuticals, beverages,foods.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White Powder
Boiling Point 438.9 °C
CAS Number 128-44-9
Chemical Composition Sodium Hydroxide;Hydrochloric Acid;Methanol;Sulfuric Acid ;Sodium Nitrite;Ammonium Hydroxide;Chlorosulfonic Acid;Sodium Hypochlorite;Phthalic Anhydride;Tosyl Chloride;Sulfur Dioxide;Saccharin;2-Methylbenzene-1-Sulfonamide;O-Toluenesulfonyl Chloride
InChI 1S/C7H5NO3S.Na/c9-7-5-3-1-2-4-6(5)12(10,11)8-7;/h1-4H,(H,8,9);/q;+1/p-1
Melting Point >300°C
Molar Mass 206.17 g/mol
Molecular Formula C7H4NNaO3S
RTECS Number DE4550000
Solubility Soluble
Synonyms 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one,1,1-dioxide,sodiumsalt;Artificialsweeteningsubstanzgendorf450;Cristallose;Dagutan;Kristallose;Madhurin;o-Sulfonbenzoicacidimidesodiumsalt;Sodium Saccharin;Sodium Ortho-Sulphobenzimide uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X