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SR-BIO Properties




SR-BIO is a non oxidize Biocide. For use in drilling mud to control bacterial slime contamination due to the presence of iron related and sulphate reducing bacterial.It is a combined liquid biocide and corrosion inhibitor for most water base systems.It is water soluble,oil dispersible.when biological growth occurs in fluid the organisams can be killed with a treatment of Biocide.As a pretreatment the product is used in drilling fluid which will be left in the hole for an extended period.SR-BIO exhibits extended biocidal action and corrosion protection in workover and packer fluid.It will prevent the biodegration of any polymer system.It is designed for use in workover and calcium chloride brines at the levels associated with normal drilling additives.If higher concentration brines,or brines using calcium bromide are to be used.It can be used in clean up well screens,pumps and distribution system.A concentration of 0.4 to 1.0 % of SR-BIO per volume of fluid will effectively control bacteria and corrosion and should be added to all workover,completion and packer fluids.

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