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SR-LIG Properties




SR-LIG is a naturally occurring material used to reduce fluid loss and deflocculates water base mud. SR-LIG is a partially soluble additive which provides thin, low permeability filter cakes. It is an excellent emulsifier for oil in water emulsions as wells a secondary deflocculated and is especially effective in high temperature applicatios.It performs exceptionally well in dispersed system as a synergistic additive with lignosulphonates.It can be used in virtually any water base fluid. Lignite powder may be use for rheology and filtration control in all water base muds.It is especially effective at stabilizing the properties of muds exposed to high temperature and contamination such as CO2 and calcium. SR-LIG is especially effective when treating cement contamination. It reduces the high viscosity and pH of cement contamination muds and reacts with calcium to lessen the contaminating effects. Normal treatment of SR-LIG range from 2.87 to 22.7 kg/m3.Due to their low pH, it’s treatment require additional caustic soda or an alternative alkaline material to maintain a consistent pH. A normal ratio is 1 sack of caustic soda for every 4sachs of SR-LIG. In high salinity systems. it is preferable to premix the SR-LIG in medium pH fresh water to enhance dispersibility then add the premix to the active system. It is most effective in mud systems with an alkaline pH in the range of 8 to 10.

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