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SR-RXL Properties




SR-RXL is a fine black powder with brown tinge. It is a water soluble, thermally stable synthetic lignite derivative used to achieve filtration control and rheological stability over a wide range of temperature. It can tolerate wide range of soluble contamination. It is additive for all water base drilling fluids with chlorides below 60000 mg/L and hardness not exceeding,3500mg/L. Resinex lignite is formed by the reaction of sulphonated lignite and water soluble resin. It is resin lignite will reduce high temperature fluid loss and stabilize the muds at down hole stability. SR-RXL filtration agent should be used at concentration of 2 to 6 lb/bbl for fluid loss achive optimum solubility the pH should be adjusted above 9.5. Higher density fluid will require greater concentrations of SR-RXL additive. For increase bottomhole temperatures use larger concentrations depending on drilling conditions.

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