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SR-THINNER Properties




SR-THINNER is a high performance synthetic polymer in liquid form.It is an environmentally compatible,high performance,multipurpose mud conditioner for rheology control in water based muds.SR-THINNER is a new gencration mud conditioner developed from the liquid polymeric deflocculant for fresh and salt water muds,especially at elevated temperatures of 450 ‘F and above.Primary application is in fresh and brackish water muds of low to intermediate density.Special feature of SR-THINNER is its excellent tolerance of salt, calcium and other contaminants.In environmentally sensitive areas, SR-THINNER simplifies waste water treatment and reduces compliance costs because it is essentially non polluting in the low concentration.The product does not contain chromium or other metal salts.further it is free sulphite origninby products common in converntional mud thinners and deflocculants.

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