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Tetra Butyl Ammonium Hydroxide Properties

Tetra Butyl Ammonium Hydroxide

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Tetrabutylammonium hydroxide is abbreviated Bu4NOH with the acronym TBAOH or TBAH. This species is not readily obtainable as a pure compound, but it employed as a solution in water or alcohols. It is commonly used as a base in organic chemistry. Relative to more conventional inorganic bases, such as KOH and NaOH, Bu4NOH is more soluble in organic solvents. Bu4NOH is a strong base that is used often under phase-transfer conditions to effect alkylations and deprotonations. Typical reactions include benzylation of amines and generation of dichlorocarbene from chloroform.

Chemical Properties

Boiling Point 100 °C
CAS Number 2052-49-5
Density 0.995
IUPAC Name Tetrabutylammonium hydroxide
Melting Point 27-30 °C
Molar Mass 259.47 g mol?1
Molecular Formula C16H37NO
RTECS Number BS5425000
Refractive 1.4
Synonyms 1-Butanaminium,N,N,N-Tributyl-,Hydroxide;1-Butanaminiumn,N,N-Tributyl-,Hydroxide; N,N,N-Tributyl-1-Butanaminiuhydroxide;N,N,N-Tributyl-1-Butanaminiumhydroxide;N-N-N-Tributyl-1-Butanaminiuhydroxide;Tetrabutyl-Ammoniuhydroxide;Tetra N-Butyl Ammonium Hydroxide;Tetra N-Butylammonium Hydroxide;Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide;Tetra-n-butylammonium HydroxideTBAOH;TBAH
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