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Tetraethyl Pyrophosphate Properties

Tetraethyl Pyrophosphate

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Tetraethyl pyrophosphate is a colorless to amber-colored liquid with a faint, fruity odor. It is an organic phosphorous compound used as an insecticide, particularly for the pest control of aphids and red spider mites.Tetraethyl pyrophosphate is extremely poisonous to humans ,the toxic effects being similar to those of parathion. It decomposes in water to nontoxic esters of phosphoric acid.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White to Amber Coloured Liquid
Boiling Point 260.9 °C
CAS Number 107-49-3
Density 1.205 g/cm3
EINECS Number 203-495-3
IUPAC Name Diethyl [(Diethoxyphosphoryl)Oxy]Phosphonate
InChI InChI=1S/C8H20O7P2/c1-5-11-16(9,12-6-2)15-17(10,13-7-3)14-8-4/h5-8H2,1-4H3
Molar Mass 290.22g/mol
Molecular Formula C8H20O7P2
RTECS Number UX6825000
Solubility Decomposes
Synonyms Diphosphoricacid, Tetraethyl Ester (9ci);Pyrophosphoric Acid, Tetraethyl Ester (8ci);Bis-O,O-Diethylphosphoric Anhydride;Bladan;Ethyl Pyrophosphate (Et4p2o7);Killex;Nsc 14707;Nsc 646213;Nifos;Pyrodust;TEPP; TEP(Phosphate);Tetraethyl Diphosphate
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