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Tin Di Chloride Dihydrate Properties

Tin Di Chloride Dihydrate

Tin Di Chloride Dihydrate-Molecule Struture
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Tin(II) chloride is used as a mordant in textile dyeing because it gives brighter colours with some dyes e.g. cochineal. This mordant has also been used alone to increase the weight of silk.It is used as a catalyst in the production of the plastic polylactic acid (PLA).Powerful reducing agent, Manufacturing of other tin compounds S dyes, In tinning by galvanic methods, liquor finishing of wires, in soldering flux, Pharmaceuticals

Chemical Properties

Appearance White Solid
Boiling Point 652°C
CAS Number 10025-69-1
Density 2.71 g/cm3
HS Code 28273910
Melting Point 37-38°C
Molar Mass 225.65 g/mol
Molecular Formula Cl2H4O2Sn
RTECS Number XP8850000
Solubility 1187 g/l
Synonyms Stannous Chloride;TIN Chloride,Dihydrate, Stannous chloride [USAN];Dihydrated Stannous Chloride; Stannous Dichloride Dihydrate